Shyeta – Violet

Shyeta – Violet

When hearing music you can expect different things depending on the genre. With so many different sounds out there, it’s easy to find something that fit your preference everywhere, but for a great love song that is timeless you will surely go to R&B. A genre of music that rose to prominence due to the connection it made with the listener, that brings emotion out like no other. Shyeta keeps that tradition going with her new must hear record called “Violet”.

Shyeta brings you a record filled with soul and love on her new song “Violet”. The music is a vibe that catches you instantly, with a throwback touch to it that feels familiar, with an innovative approach that brings fresh life to the music that sets the ultimate tone. Shyeta’s vocals are stellar in it’s tone, with a presence that you can’t shake nor want to, as the well written lyrics shine to the fullest to bring this love song to life in every way, to make sure we can enjoy it without limits.

Shyeta’s “Violet” is an amazing record that encompasses the connection makes with the listener, to make sure we all keep coming back for more. The msucisinaship stands out to the fullest, as each aspect of the record stands out, and works together in perfect harmony to make one strand out sound, but also feels good to hear for every second as the blissful energy of the music, making you want to keep coming back for more.

Check out Shyeta “Violet” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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