Sonic Acrylic – Alternates

Sonic Acrylic – Alternates

When a song has a big sound it grabs you. That hold on you that only a good record can have, with engaging elements working together, to make something that gets you invested in the artistry. That big sound doesn’t come from most, but when you hear that music you know it’s from a special talent. That special talent is Sonic Acrylic on the new song “Alternates”..

Sonic Acrylic make an electrifying sound for fans everywhere on the new song “Alternates”. The sound has a great nostalgic feel to it, with a fresh approach that sets the tone masterfully. From there the vocals come and blesses the music with a tone that’s filled with raw captivating energy, that takes the music to another level. The writing is stellar and amazing in it’s articulation, and helps this record click in every facet to make something enjoyable for every second.

Sonic Acrylic “Alternates” is a record packed with substance, to make a special experience of music to be apart of. It not only delivers musically in a big way, but also brings great depth the give the listener more to it to make it a record that will last the times, with everything about this record being master class.

Check out Sonic Acrylic “Alternates” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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