RIVER – Brother (Official Video)

RIVER – Brother (Official Video)

Music can stick with us for many different reasons. It can be a must hear sound that just stands out, or the songs that feel good to hear with a nice vibrant feel. One of the reasons why songs last with us is the messages in the songs. Those records filled with substance we can relate to that make them powerful to take in. RIVER brings that type of music with their new must hear release “Brother”.

RIVER brings a big time sound full of emotion that brings the world together on the new song “Brother”. Musically it’s clear as day why this song is a must hear, as you get a superb display of musicianship that resonates immediately. The production is amazing in its approach to build with the writing through the verses and chorus, to fit the waves of emotion the song takes you on. To match the sound the song is vocally masterful in having soul in each note, to make it all felt in a real way as you enjoy every aspect of the song just right.

RIVER’s “Brother” is masterpiece in every way, as you get incredible music but also must see visuals that help bring this story to life, in the best way possible. The emotion the music and visuals make with the listener, is it’s greatest asset with an experience that you feel the realness in, to make you connect with it in a way that make you keep coming back for time to come.

Check out RIVER “Brother” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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