LZRD Featuring Sam Tinnesz – When We Love

LZRD Featuring Sam Tinnesz – When We Love

Music always stands out when a sound just has a major presence to it. Those songs that you hear everything working together at a high level, to make for an experience like no other. When you get music like that, it’s something that truly transcends and that is what you get from LZRD on his new mega release “When We Love” featuring Sam Tinnesz.

The visionary aspect of music shines bright in LZRDs new song “When We Love” featuring Sam Tinnesz. The music builds incredibly well, with a sound that is cinematic in it’s approach that sounds like it was destined to be the score for film work. It excels as being able to tell a story through the sound, with the layers to the music being innovative in its approach to make one stand out sound you don’t want to miss.

LZRD featuring Sam Tinnesz “When We Love” is a brilliant body of work that is stellar in every way. They give you a creative sound that makes you more of a fan with each worthy listen. Hit play now and enjoy the special sound that is a true gem that shines through.

Check out LZRD featuring Sam Tinnesz “When We Love” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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