Jordana Lilly – Santa Hour

Jordana Lilly – Santa Hour

No other holiday brings people together like Christmas. That one time of the year, where the vibes are festive and all is right. This one holiday has produced many inspired classics that have lasted through the times. Every year there are fresh takes on these records and Jordana Lilly delivers one of those special records on her new song “Santa Hour”.

Jordana Lilly creates an instant holiday classic with her new song “Santa Hour”. The music is fun and festive, with a bright feel that works to perfection in the music. The song is vocally amazing with, an amazing soulful tone that delivers the lyrics just right, to make it a song that sticks with you, with a feel good tone you don’t want to miss out on for a single second.

Jordana Lilly’s “Santa Hour” is an amazing record beyond words that is sure to last through time times, and will be a go to for this time of year. It’s a record that excels in every way, from the incredible production, the amazing vocal performances, and the excellent writing to help this stand out talent, and record shine to the fullest.

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