Durieux – Rumor

Durieux – Rumor

When writing about music, sometimes it takes all the time in the world to come up with the perfect words to describe how you feel. In other cases the music inspires you so much, that you feel like an instrument and the song writes how you feel itself. The latter is how Durieux makes you feel on this soulful masterpiece called “Rumor”.

Durieux delivers a sound that makes a connection with the soul on the new song “Rumor”. It shows a high understanding of valuing the listener’s time, with the song not wasting a single second to show you how special it is. The music slow burns with a nice smooth soul that lets the vocals and writing shines to the fullest, and once you make it to the chorus the switch up brings an out of this world touch, that makes you get lost in the music, as it all does it’s work to make for an experience like no other

Durieux “Rumor” is creative exciting music at it’s finest that will forever continue to make fans of us all. The soul in the music shines with a sound anyone who listens will feel and enjoyenjoy, while the creativity in the approach resonating as well, as each element feeling good to take in on this record you will want to listen to every chance you get.

Check out Durieux “Rumor” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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