Fly Anakin Featuring Nickleus F – Ghost

Fly Anakin Featuring Nickleus F – Ghost

There will forever be a constant debate on what real Hip Hop is. Being a debate that is heavily based on what ones preference can be. As much as the issue is debated amongst the culture, there is always music that stands out supreme above the rest, with he talent and energy in the music making its mark in a way, that answers the questions for us all. Fly Anakin delivers one of those records with his new release “Ghost” featuring Nickleus F.

Fly Anakin and Nickleus F come together to put out music beyond words on the new song “Ghost”. The production brings a chilling dark sound that sends chills down your spine, as the rhyming takes over in a major way. Each artists brings realism to their approach, that you feel the conviction in as the lyrics get sharper at each turn, to give you a thrilling experience like no other, to keep you invested for every second.

Fly Anakin featuring Nickleus F “Ghost” is a record that is on point in every way to deliver an instant classic. It’s that high grade music that makes a fan out of anyone who listens, with an undenibale sound that lets the artistry run wild to the fullest. Hit play now and hear the brilliance of this collab the stands above the rest.

Check out Fly Anakin featuring Nickleus F “Ghost” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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