Ed Sheeran Featuring Jessi and SUMNI – Shivers

Ed Sheeran Featuring Jessi and SUMNI – Shivers

People come to music for different things, but something we all look for in music is a major release. Those big time records that stand out from everything we hear as supreme, with a digestible sound full of appeal that the world all stands in one accord to love. That type of sound is what you get from Ed Sheeran on the new remix of his song “Shivers” featuring Jessi and SUNMI.

Ed Sheeran, Jessi, and SUNMI come together for the must hear remix “Shivers”. The bright sound stands out instantly and feels good to hear, with the blissful energy in the sound touching the soul to the set the tone for the art they deliver. For this stand out sound you get incredible writing that really shines in the verses and takes off in the chorus, as you get to enjoy everyone’s special style something together to make one sonically pleasing sound, that delivers in every way.

Ed Sheeran “Shivers” featuring Jessi and SUNMI is an out of this world record that defies the subjectivity of music, to bring the world something that makes it a more fun place to be. It excels in every way musically to bring us something one listen will never be enough for, and gives a feeling in the sound that will keep us all running back for more.

Check out Ed Sheeran featuring Jessi and SUNMI “Shivers” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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