DJ Five Venoms x Kissie Lee- Crown

DJ Five Venoms x Kissie Lee- Crown

There’s not denying that music started as a male dominated thing. Even with that fact women have reigned supreme as some of the most talented artists out there, and more so today than ever. Shining with their own respective style, music has also given women their timeless anthems, that instill confidence in them like no other, and that type of anthem is what you get from this new collaboration from DJ Five Venoms and Kissie Lee called “Crown”.

DJ Five Venoms and Kissie Lee come together for the new must hear anthem “Crown”. The music is instantly engaging and makes you feel the energy of the record, with a club sound that brings infinite bounce to get us all invested in the magic taking place. With this commanding sound you get an infectious display from Kissie Lee, with a slick sweet tone that oozes confidence, as she gives women everywhere their roses and crowns, to shine like the royalty that they are.

DJ Five Venoms and Kissie Lee “Crown” is an impressive record that hits the mark in every way. On the surface you get an undeniable club banger that’s fun to take in, but when you listen more you get an empowering piece of audio that pours into the listener, in a major way.

Check out DJ Five Venom and Kissie Lee “Crown” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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