Bar$ – Run Away

Bar$ – Run Away

It’s always refreshing to hear an artist who understands the power of their words. That presence to their artistry that you feel, as they take full advantage of having the listener’s ear to not only showcase their talent, but deliver gems to give the listener more than what they came with. That type of music is the true spirit of Hip Hop music, and Bar$ keeps that going on his new song “Run Away”.

Bar$ delivers a master class to take us on his journey on his new song “Run Away”. He delivers a performance like no other with a commanding presence to him that can’t be ignored. His style is like a calm storm as he maneuvers through this track with ease, to deliver his powerful writing with the ultimate conviction to bring a high level of authenticity that can’t be faked for a second, as well as being sharp lyrically to cut through this smooth production with ease.

Bar$ “Run Away” is a magnum opus level of work that shines to the fullest on this instant classic. He exudes excellence in every single aspect of his craft, to make him the complete emcee we all need to hear, as his gold pen delivers truth like no other, to make that soul connection with the listener that lasts a lifetime.

Check out Bar$ “Run Away” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends

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