august brodie x Elko – regret this in the morning

august brodie x Elko – regret this in the morning

There is nothing more subjective than the art form of music Truly an art where two people can hear the same song and have completely two different opinions. As subjective as music is some records are just undeniable when you feel it. A record you can feel is what you get from august brodie and Elko on the new song “regret this in the morning”.

Enjoy this moody banger from august brodie and Elko called “regret this in the morning”. The story telling and the emotion that brings it all to life stuff of legends, as they carry the weight of this track masterfully with raw emotion in the vocal approach, to make it all that much more real. This all takes place over a production that brings appeal to the sound, that helps it stand out as well as et the perfect tone to really make it all come to life.

This collaboration has a lot to offer to the world with a sound that gives the people that more, that keeps you invested in music. The music is supreme and meets the standard of all criteria from lyrics, vocal performance, and production that makes it a true standout!

Check out august brodie and Elko “regret this in the morning” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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