Louie Ray Featuring Dave East – Today

Louie Ray Featuring Dave East – Today

One of the hottest music scene right now is Michigan. A place with a rich music history, since the days of Motown. Now the most emerging rappers are from the mitten state, with an infectious style to the beats and flows that makes an instant fan out of anyone who listens. One of the most promising artists is Louie Ray, and with his latest release “Today” featuring Dave East he shows us why.

Louie Ray and Dave East come together to put on for the culture on the new song “Today”. The music doesn’t waste a single second, to get you invested with an exciting sound that doesn’t slack. The knocking 808’s and driving bass set the ultimate tone, with an exhilarating sound that is match made in heaven with the rhymes. The lyrics are filled with braggadocios substance, that is delivered with the ultimate bravado in the flows to make it undeniable.

Louie Ray featuring Dave East “Today” is a super dope release that gives the listener’s something they must be apart of, as well as something that shows off their talent, to make a perfect exchange for their fans everywhere. If you’re looking for an authentic Hip Hop experience, full of replay value you can end your search on this smash!

Check out Louie Ray Featuring Dave East “Today” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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