Chillmonday x Tamara Canada – Drunk Texting

Chillmonday x Tamara Canada – Drunk Texting

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to bring in the week right. For the start of the week, we always try to bring it in with best content out there, that will be able to please anyone who listens. That undeniable level of music is only possible, by the talented creators who come are away, and Chillmonday and Tamara Canada are those talented individuals with the new song “Drunk Texting”.

Chillmonday and Tamara Canada gives you something old and something new to give the world something to vibe to on the new song “Drunk Texting”. The throwback touch to the production catches you right away, with the laid back grooves setting the ultimate tone for the magic that takes place. With the sound set, the vocals take things to another level with a masterful tone that you feel the soul in, as it brings the writing to our ears just right, to enjoy this record in every way.

Chillmonday and Tamara Canada’s “Drunk Texting” is a timeless body of work that you will be able to keep on repeat for time to come. It shines in its authenticity, with the spirit of R&B being on full bloom for us all to take in this special sound. The production sets the perfect tone, the writing is something you can feel, and the vocals make it real to give us a complete body of work.

Check out Chillmonday and Tamara Canada “Drunk Texting” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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