Kura – LOVE

Kura – LOVE

The year is coming to an end. It’s been an incredible year for creatives everywhere making a statement, with dope flavor. Some artist are coasting and some artists are going strong to end the year off just right. Kura has his foot on the gas and lets all of his talents fly to talk fashion and affection on his new song “LOVE”.

Kura brings an amazing display of music that shows how must hear he is on his new song “LOVE”. The production is commanding and knocks, that pays major dividends with him styling all over it, that makes it enticing with every second. The vocal performance is packed with a signature swagger matched, with his incredible display of artistry that makes his presence felt on this smash.

Kura’s “LOVE” is the perfect statement to end his year with a exclamation mark. From the production, lyrics, and delivery, Kura understands how to make music to a level that makes him destined for incredible things in music, with his new record being the perfect representation of his craft. 

Check out Kura “LOVE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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