jen kalicharan – Y2K

jen kalicharan – Y2K

Everyone has their own preference in music, due to the subjectivity of the art. One thing we all have in common, is we all look for undeniable music to listen. Those records we enjoy because it defies are subjectivity, and allows us to just be fans of the sounds coming out of our speakers. That type of special sound is on full display on the new song “Y2K” from jen kalicharan.

A genre bending must hear sound full of appeal is what you get from jen kalicharan on the new song “Y2K”. The infectious energy of the music grabs you quick, with a worldwide appeal to the music that helps it shine in any part of the world. Her vocals are mesmerizing and has the charisma of stars to make you buy in, as you get to enjoy the writing as well as you get lost in the music on this record that you hope never ends.

This fresh release “Y2K” is a mega record that defies the subjectivity of music with a sound, that stands out as good to the point you have acknowledge the beauty of the music. It’s where major appeal and creativity meet to help it stand out to the fullest, as the next global hit the world will know!

Check out jen kalicharan “Y2K” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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