Nares – Boulevards

Nares – Boulevards

The longer music is around, the more it’s tough for creatives to come up with new sounds that stand out. An artist truly has to be daring and take chances in the music to make something like we’ve never hard. Being brave enough to be experimental in their approach. When an artist does that the possibilities are endless, and what Nares does is nothing short of brilliant on her new song “Boulevards”.

Nares brings new life to the world with her stand out sound that shines to the fullest on her new song “Boulevards”. The approach to the sound is major as you get so many different elements working in perfect harmony, to build through to bring this vision to life like no other. For the innovative style you get a vocal performance that is warm in its tone to deliver the heartfelt writing, that makes this record something truly remarkable to witness, on this record that gives you everything.

Nares “Boulevards” is a supreme sound you can get lost in with a big time sound that builds a world around you, that is fun for every second to explore. It’s pure magic at every turn, with something new that makes the world and culture of music more fun to be apart of. If you love good music, you will have infinite reasons to enjoy this record.

Check out Nares “Boulevards” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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