HXRY x Kallitechnis – Rock Yo Bed

HXRY x Kallitechnis – Rock Yo Bed

Every artist looks for ways to stand out from the countless releases that come out. That can be approached many different ways, but one of the best is to make music thats real. Music that feels good to hear and something people can run to, for the emotion they need to hear to vibe out to. If you have music people can feel, then you truly have something timeless and that’s what you get from this record from HXRY and Kallitechnis on the new song “Rock Yo Bed”.

HXRY comes together with Kallitechnis to make music that will keep you coming back for more on the new song “Rock Yo Bed”. As soon as you hit play you feel the smooth bounce to the production, that has a classic feel that they bring a fresh touch to. Both artists are amazing in their approach to bring soul to the music, as the music puts your subjectivity at the door, for this brilliant sound that makes you want to love and leave all your problems at the door.

HXRY and Kallitechnis “Rock Yo Bed” is that timeless R&B music that represents the genre to the fullest, with a gold standard sound you will keep on repeat for time to come. The song is musically in a special class of its own as you hear the magic in every element, and gives unlimited vibes for the people to rock to for ages.

Check out HXRY and Kallitechnis “Rock Yo Bed” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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