Badnights and Nikita Afonso – Ghost

Badnights and Nikita Afonso – Ghost

The special touch to add to music, is making it relatable. Making music people can connect to, as they look for answers to life in the music, that fit everything they’re going through to a divine level. That’s what you get and much more on the new release from Badnights and Nikita Afonso called “Ghost”.

Badnights and Nikita Afonso come together on this masterful duet to bring a tale of two ex lovers to life on the new song “Ghost”. The production has a major Pop sound that gives it high commercial appeal to travel the world, while the writing is heartfelt to make it more relatable than ever as you feel it all on a real way. To take it over the top you get to enjoy the brilliant vocal performances by the pair, that work off of each other perfectly to bring one amazing sound, on this true master class.

Badnights and Nikita Afonso “Ghost” has that mass appeal shine to it, while still being musically top class to make it a perfect record to enjoy. The production sets the perfect stage for the magic they create, the writing is superb, and vocally it’s all their to create the perfect storm of must hear music.

Check out Badnights and Nikita Afonso “Ghost” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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