Almira Zaky – Clarity

Almira Zaky – Clarity

A record connects with you when you are able to have a special connection with it. Those intimate experience you have with the music, that makes you feel like you’re the only person hearing it, as you feel a bond with the artist because of the soul put into it. That is the type of music that makes people fall in love with the music for a lifetime and thats what you get from Almira Zaky on her fresh release “Clarity”.

Almira Zaky brings a genius level of music full of soul on the new song “Clarity”. The music shines in every way possible to bring one major sound you can’t go without. She’s vocally supreme with a sweet tone that feels warm to the spirit, as the heartfelt writing comes to life over this production that builds very well throughout, to make sure the music comes to life in front of us in the best way possible on this master class display of audio.

Almira Zaky’s “Clarity” is an outstanding body of work that shows how much life music still has. In a time where music can be redundant she gives you something real that you can feel, as you enjoy the music and get lost in the brilliant sound that will send chills down your body.

Check out Almira Zaky “Clarity” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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