Porsh Bet$ – 2 The Weekend

Porsh Bet$ – 2 The Weekend

In society there are always things that separates us, but also there are many things that we all collective have in common. Once of those things is the love for the weekend. That time of the week that we all look forward to, as it gives us a mini vacation we can enjoy in many different ways, with our time finally being ours. That magic of the feeling is brought to life on Porsh Bet$ new must hear anthem “2 The Weekend”.

Porsh Bet$ gives us the perfect smash to make the soundtrack for the weekend on his new song “2 The Weekend”. The appeal in the sound shines through right away, with a big time sound that you see the sun shine in, as you immediately enjoy life just from hearing it. To match this he brings a major vocal performance that delivers the exciting weekend in every way, as he makes a blissful sound that you enjoy without any limits.

Porsh Bet$ “2 The Weekend” is stand out record that covers everything as he gets to show off his must hear talent, and we get a record that make life a much more vibrant place to be, from this sound with unlimited replay value. IF you love good music, you will love the exciting sound that Porsh Bet$ brings to life.

Check out Porsh Bet$ “2 The Weekend” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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