Jeff Draco – Fall For Another Day

Jeff Draco – Fall For Another Day

Music is something that is everywhere we go. Now more than ever there’s no shortage of music to dive into, but something that feels like it’s missing, is that music that sounds happy. Those feel good tunes that brighten your day as the happy energy to the music, resonates to make you enjoy it even more. That type of music gets harder to find by the day, but Jeff Draco delivers that music on his new song “Fall For Another Day.

That blissful energy that makes you fall in love with music is what shines to the fullest on Jeff Draco’s new song “Fall For Another Day”. The dreamy alt Pop feel to the sound catches you immediately, as each grooves pushes the song forward to the fullest, for the work he delivers. With the fun sound he brings an even more infectious vocal performance that is enjoyable for every second, as he brings the writing to life that captures the beauty and magic of a great love song.

The magic that music can still have is what shines the brightest about this must hear release. It understands the power music can have on people, and uses it to make something truly enjoyable for any one who listens, with a bright feel to the sound, that will keep you coming back for more for time to come.

Check out Jeff Draco “Fall For Another Day” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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