Elle Baez – Everyone Else

Elle Baez – Everyone Else

Music will forever resonate when an artists put their soul in to the music. That special connection that you make with the music, because you feel the artist giving their in the music to not only stand out musically, but give the people something real in a world that can feel so vain at times. That daring display of music is what you get from Elle Baez on her new commanding record called “Everyone Else”.

Elle Baez brings an ultra relatable powerful record that the world will feel on her new song “Everyone Else”. The song is big time in every way, with a strong sound that is impossible to ignore. The cinematic approach to the production is fitting, with progressions to the sound that Elle takes full advantage of to bring the vision to life. She is vocally supreme with a raw approach to the singing that you feel in your heart, as she dives into the troubles of love and how it feels to be left out from it in a real way.

Elle Baez “Everyone Else” is an artist at their best, as she uses her music to connect with the people, and give them that more that gets us through. The music is master class in every way, as the artistry shines to another level to make something worth every listen, as you get engulfed in the waves of her special sound she gives to the world.

Check out Elle Baez “Everyone Else” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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