Artist Spotlight: Lorensa

Artist Spotlight: Lorensa

Something that will forever make music special is the connection you have with it. That music that you feel the soul in, as the artists gives their all to it to bring a certain level of transparency, that separates it effortlessly. When you are able to make that type of connection with the music, you also make that connection with the artist behind it, with an honesty in the music that is admirable, as you get invested in it all. That is what you get from songstress Lorensa.

Lorensa is an Israeli singer/ songwriter who brings a soulful sophistication to her music that makes you fall in love with her artistry. She’s able to convey emotion at a high level, and it shines through in her music, as you hear a song like “Where’s My Sorry?”, that is super relatable in it’s subject, to make you feel take it in every way. As much as she marvels in her singing, her knack for songwriting shines through in all of her releases with a song like “Shirel”, about the grass being greener on the other side go moving on.

All of her talents are used for the greater good, as you not only get music that is amazing to hear, but you also gain a deeper appreciation of her work, when you take in the messages that she gives the listener to keep going. With her latest EP “Layers”, we get seven incredible songs that showcase her supreme talent to the fullest, on what is a true masterpiece for music lovers everywhere to enjoy.

Check out Lorensa “Layers” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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