Love Ghost x Mabiland – Can’t Stop

Love Ghost x Mabiland – Can’t Stop

Music is getting more advanced day by day. Far from the days of each genre being so separate from others, with many creatives being able to blend different genres together, to make one cohesive sound that you didn’t think was possible. A shining example of the magic of genre bending is on full bloom on this exciting collaboration between Love Ghost and Mabiland called “Can’t Stop”.

An exciting genre bending masterpiece is what you get every second of this new collaboration from Love Ghost and Mabiland called “Can’t Stop”. It’s high engaging energy right away creating a thrilling experience of music for us all to enjoy. The production is action packed and brings a Pop/ Rock/ Hip Hop blend of instrumentation that knocks for them all to showcase their skills. Each artist shines to the fullest, and brings fresh charisma to carry this record right to the listener’s ear to give you something just as exciting as the times we’re in.

Everything that you could want from a record is served on a ready made platter from this amazing collaborative effort. You get to hear the innovation of the sound evolve evermore, with a creativity and appeal to his sound that’s one of a kind, as well as enjoy the special touch give to the music, to make it a record that doesn’t miss for us all to get invested in.

Check out Love Ghost and Mabiland “Can’t Stop” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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