Alexis Jae – In The Air

Alexis Jae – In The Air

Music is truly an experience when you can get lost in it. Those songs you hear that create a world around you while you explore this new fresh sound presented. That type of music will make a fan out of anyone, with a sound that will keep you coming back to enjoy the new life in the music, and Alexis Jae will make a fan out of everyone with her new song “In The Air”.

Alexis Jae delivers a dark electro pop sound that you will love every minute of on the new song “In The Air”. One of the greatest things about the music is the daring creativity to it, with a sound that stands out. She matches it with a vocal performance that has a global appeal to it, to make it sound like a sure hit that you will hear on the radio all over the world, as she delivers the writing that makes you enjoy the music even more.

Alexis Jae’s “In The Air” is a record that shows where innovation and appeal meet. It takes chances in the music that pay off majorly and shows her high level of artistry, as well as her knack for making music for everyone to enjoy. If you need good music in your life, you can find solace in this one of a kind record that one listen won’t ever be enough for.

Check out Alexis Jae “In The Air” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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