Keoma Featuring David Assayag – Parintins Para o Mundo

Keoma Featuring David Assayag – Parintins Para o Mundo

When a record has a certain thing that you come to it for, it truly lasts the times for you. Whether it be a record that you can run to during a break up, or a song that has that edge to it that motivates you to be active. The mood or emotion music can have on a person, is something truly without limits and if you want to hear a song that when you play you can’t help but dance, then you will love everything about this fresh release from Keoma featuring David Assayag called “Parintins Para o Mundo”.

Keoma comes together with David Assayag with a big time house song that makes life more fun to enjoy on the new song “Parintins Para o Mundo”. The music truly embodies a world sound with so many different elements working together as one, to make something we can all be festive to. The grooves in the music are infinite, and the vocals serve as the perfect guide for this party that is brought to life for us all to get lost in.

Keoma featuring David Assayag “Parintins Para o Mundo” is a sound layered to perfection, filled with vibrant energy that you feel in your spirit, that makes you leave all your problems at the door. The song thrives musically with the artistry shining to the fullest, but the infectious energy of it is what will have you keep coming back for more to enjoy the magic of the sound.

Check out Keoma featuring David Assayag “Parintins Para o Mundo” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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