JAWNY – Take It Back (Vevo 2022 DSCVR Artists to Watch)

JAWNY – Take It Back (Vevo 2022 DSCVR Artists to Watch)

Vevo’s “DSCVR Artists to Watch” has been the ultimate series for finding new exciting talent that is set to take off in a major way. Giving the artists the stage to perform their best work live, as they go for gold to really give their artistry the perfect chance to thrive and for the world to enjoy this new talent. The latest performance to release from rising Rockstar JAWNY who brings a must hear performance of his song “Take It Back”.

JAWNY shows why he’s one of Vevo’s 2022 DSCVR Artists to Watch with his live performance of “Take It Back”. The music doesn’t waste a single second to get the people invested, as the sound crash lands on the listeners ear to make it impossible to ignore. You get to enjoy it all to the fullest with the big time sound shining, and JAWNY letting his presence felt to deliver the writing to perfection, as we all get to enjoy this major talent that is on full bloom to enjoy.

JAWNY’s “Take It Back” is the ultimate statement of a record and performance that shows he’s the real deal. Everything is done at high level to make people instant fans, as well get lost in this impressive sound that brings for the world to fall in love with. If you’re looking for an electrifying experience of music to be apart of, then hit play now and enjoy this supreme performance by this rising star.

Check out JAWNY “Take It Back (Vevo 2022 DSCVR Artists to Watch)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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