Damell Pacesetta – Call Me

Damell Pacesetta – Call Me

As much music that is out there, its getting harder to find good love songs. Those songs that you feel the emotion of the euophoria, that makes you think of someone you care about. Great love songs have long been the reason many have become fans of music, and look to hear it as it says everything that we feel at the right time. That’s what you will love about this new release from Damell Pacesetta on the new song “Call Me”.

Damell Pacesetta brings magic to our ears with his smooth vocals and infinite grooves on the new song “Call Me”. The Afro inspired sound shines instantly, as you feel the music in your bones that makes you want to move while being lost in the music. As you take in each moving aspect of the record, you get to really take in the writing that is rooted in the tradition of great love songs before it, with heartfelt substance that just feels good to hear and makes you be a fan of love.

Damell Pacesetta’s “Call Me” is a song that captures the the connection that music can make with the soul. You get amazing music that stands out, as well as a song that is packed with soul to make sure you feel the music to that righteous level, that will have you keep coming back and sharing with others.

Check out Damell Pacesetta “Call Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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