Nick Wagen – moon shooter

Nick Wagen – moon shooter

When music has a feeling to it, you really are able to get invested in the music. Getting to hear music that before you catch every aspect of the music, you are able to resonate with the vibe of it in a real way. More than ever those records shine, and Nick Wagen’s “moon shooter” shines bright.

Nick Wagen brings an indie pop sound that you can feel the breeze of, on the new song “moon shooter”. As soon you hit play, the infectious melodies grab you and make you feel the energy of the tone that he sets. Once you fall in love you are able to really enjoy his vocal performance that conveys emotion at a high level, to melt you with every note, as you get to enjoy the intricacies of the writing that break out to the fullest in the big time chorus.

Nick Wagen’s “moon shooter” is heartfelt masterpiece full of emotion that does it all to give us something to enjoy. It’s musically supreme with everything being done to a superb level to bring the vision to life. The singing brings a special tone that you feel in your heart, the writing is amazing, and the production plays the perfect score for this story to complete.

Check out Nick Wagen “moon shooter” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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