Lani Renaldo – help!

Lani Renaldo – help!

Putting yourself out there is truly a tough feat as you put yourself out there for the world to judge. In a time where everyone has an opinion they can type, it can truly nerve wrecking as a creative, to be at the mercy of people’s thoughts. The only thing makes it tougher is when you put your life and most honest thoughts in to the music, for people to take in and judge. That pressure is a lot to carry, but Lani Renaldo takes it on and gives a transparent work of art on the new song “help!”.

Lani Renaldo puts all of her talent together to make one major sound that you can feel on the new song “help!”. The production brings a 90’s influenced feel in the percussion, that is met with hard guitar strums to make you get invested in the sound early. Once you catch the sound, you are able to takin in the daringness in the writing, as she takes on her journey of her mental health, to make it relatable she gives herself and her art to the world to feel, and enjoy alike.

Lani Renaldo’s “help!” is the powerful music that use it’s voice to be of service to the people. It’s amazing musically in every way, as you get a big time sound with great appeal, a star presence in the vocals, and great depth to the writing to make it come together just right, but also something that you can feel and relate to on this timeless body of work.

Check out Lani Renaldo “help!” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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