Langva – Call Me

Langva – Call Me

Somethings are just timeless. Those special elements in the music that will forever resonate with the people. One of those elements is Funk. A groovy sound that makes you feel the jones in your bones, as you get lost in the music and hope to never come back. That type of sound is what you get from Langva on this new super smooth record “Call Me”

Langva gives you a sound laced with infectious grooves and soulful melodies on the new song “Call Me”. The sound is truly on the moon as he brings a sweet vocal performance that slides all over this production that makes you vibe out without limits, while dropping the incredible lyrics to perfection. on this amazing body of work, that can only come from a genius level talent, letting it all show.

Langva’s “Call Me” is a beyond impressive piece of work as they give you audio brilliance from beginning to end.  He gives you a stand out performance that is impressive at every aspect of music from the lyrics, production, and vocal performance that make this song you cannot go another second of your life without hearing.

Check out Langva “Call Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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