Holly Maddison – Tattoo

Holly Maddison – Tattoo

Music is something that is truly for the masses. That thing everyone can enjoy, but music really shines through when it makes that one on one intimate connection with the listener. Those records you hear and it describes everything that you feel, to a level that is divine as it feels meant to be that you crossed paths with it. That type of experience is what you get from Holly Maddison on her new song “Tattoo”

Holly Maddison takes you on a journey through heartbreak and forgiveness on the new song “Tattoo”. Her commanding vocal performance shines majorly right away, with a big time heartfelt approach that resonates to the fullest, while she brings the music to life. The writing is deep as it covers the waves a heartbreak can come over us, as we process moving forward, to make it something we all can relate to, over this mega production that’s big enough to handle his talent, and soul that shines for every second.

Holly Maddison “Tattoo” is that music you feel in your spirit that you will forever be able to connect to. It dares to dive deep into our most initiate feelings, as it doesn’t set itself on following any trends, but making something with depth to give us all the more that music was founded on. You get to hear an amazing music but even more, an artist who gives their all to the music to the fullest to make it a must hear.

Check out Holly Maddison “Tattoo” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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