Coi Leray Featuring DaBaby – TWINNEM (Remix)

Coi Leray Featuring DaBaby – TWINNEM (Remix)

One of the most exciting things to see is an artist one fire. Those talents who you buy into just as much as everyone else, as they have all eyes on them to see what they will do next. When an artist is hot, it’s important for them to deliver every time, and take full advantage of this time in their career. With an artist like Coi Leray, it’s hard to be anywhere and not see or hear her music. With her latest remix of her song “TWINNEM” featuring DaBaby you see why.

Coi Leray links up with DaBaby to give the culture something hot and must hear with the new remix of “TWINNEM”. Their chemistry shines immediately on this best friend anthem, as they play off of each other to perfection, while showing off their own stand out styles, that merge together to make one stand out sound that knocks to the fullest. Their charisma and flows make you buy in to the bravado driven lyrics, as well as their star personas that shine on this knocking production.

Coi Leray featuring DaBaby “TWINNEM (Remix)” is a super dope collaboration that is everything you want to hear when two big name artists come together. They shine individually, and even more together as they sound like they were meant to collaborate, as you hear them gel to a supreme level to make something undeniable for people everywhere to love.

Check out Coi Leray featuring DaBaby “TWINNEM (Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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