Luck – Higher

Luck – Higher

Music really stands out when you feel the power to it. Those songs that shine in the strength of it, as the artist works with the music to uplift the people in their own special way. When you get music like this it really does wonders for the soul, as the music instills a confidence in the listener to get them through. That’s what you get from Luck on her new must hear anthem “Higher”.

Luck brings a powerful record packed with mass appeal that shines to the fullest on the new song “Higher”. The big time feel of the music catches you immediately, with a nice genre bending sound that puts the digestibility of Pop with, the power of Rock music to make it big time. When you hear her sing you hear the power in it that she taps into, as she gives her all the music that makes you feel the soul and message in the music, that makes you want to take control of your life.

Luck’s “Higher” is that special type of music that gives the listener something they can take with them, that will last. It’s beyond music that has a great sound that’s enjoyable, but a true experience of music that makes the people take in the music, as she uses her time with the listener to give them strength on this masterpiece of a record and visuals.

Check out Luck “Higher” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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