Limón Limón – Honey Blossom

Limón Limón – Honey Blossom

A testament to an artist’s work is the expectations the people set on them. With some acts you always expect to hear good music, with the bigger question being “How good will it be?”. With a group like Limón Limón you always get a undeniable body of work, you can enjoy without limits and with their latest release “Honey Blossom” they show you why they continue to be a go to for amazing music.

Limón Limón brings you a blissful soul sound on some of their finest work to date on the new song “Honey Blossom”. The title is fitting with a a sweet sound that you feel in the production, as each infectious grooves does wonder to the soul to make you feel the music. To match the sound the vocals are packed with soul to deliver the writing with ease, as you get to enjoy this easy listening sound that marvels in every way to give the people the more they’re looking for.

Limón Limóns “Honey Blossom” is the best of both worlds for us all, as they get to show off their amazing talent, and we get something that makes our life sweeter to enjoy. Music is timeless when it feels good to hear, and this tune will keep you coming back for more for time to come.

Check out Limón Limón “Honey Blossom” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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