KUR – Play It Cool

KUR – Play It Cool

Hip Hop is always exciting when yo hear an artist tap into their super power. When they have that special glow to their style, that shines as they turn on beat and have their way with it. Those records always bring heavy energy to the culture, and KUR lays it all on us to enjoy with his new must hear record “Play It Cool”.

KUR brings his high powered flow and lyrical mastery on his new record “Play It Cool”. The music understands the power of time and doesn’t waste a single second of it, with the work shining through as soon as you hit play. The production sets a strong tone with driving 808’s that push things forward while KUR’s pen cuts the beat into shreds, with each line being sharp, and delivered with flow full of fire that burns through the track with ease.

KUR’s “Play It Cool” is the perfect statement record for his supreme talent, but also shows the world what Hip Hop is all about. The super approach to the music makes for an exciting listen, as you bare witness to it all coming together to make something the culture can be proud of, on this must hear masterpiece.

Check out KUR “Play It Cool” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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