VHS Collection – Space Between Us

VHS Collection – Space Between Us

Music is something that is forever changing. As much as that is fact there are some things that will forever work. One of those things is a synth sound. That special instrument that adds bright lights to the music that takes you to a dream world like no other, as it all shines to the fullest to give the people something special. That is what you get from the amazing VHS Collection on the new song “Space Between Us”.

VHS Collection brings an innovative approach, with a touch of nostalgia on the new song “Space Between Us”. The group name stands out immediately as special, with an intriguing name that makes you want to hear what they sound, and as soon as you hit play you get all you could want and more. The music sounds like a new frontier as the instruments work together to bring something sonically pleasing that stands out. To match this big time sound you get a commanding vocal performance that rises to the occasion, to stand and deliver the writing to perfection.

VHS Collection’s “Space Between Us” is a song that slows down time with a must hear sound that you shouldn’t go without. It’s that music you hear and get a full experience of music that captivates you in every way, as you hear them give the music their all, and you give it your full attention. If you love innovative new music, then here is the perfect song to get you through.

Check out VHS Collection “Space Between US” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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