Sound of Fractures – Real Friends

Sound of Fractures – Real Friends

Music can be enjoyed for many different reasons, but one of the best reason to enjoy music is innovation. That music that embodies everything it is to hear new music, with sounds working together like you’ve never heard. When you get to hear music like that it’s exciting now more than ever, for a time that nothing seems too new. Sound of Fractures shows off his innovative style in his new song “Real Friends”.

Sound of Fractures brings his signature sound to the forefront for us all to enjoy on his new song “Real Friends”. This thriving producer is masterful in putting music together that is able to convey emotion just as well, as any artist can with layers to the sound that you feel in your soul. The music tells a story in a Jazz way with each instrument shining to the fullest to take the listener on a journey of emotion, to make this a stand out body of work.

Sound of Fractures “Real Friends” is him at his finest with him diving into his creativity to make music like no other. It showcases the art that music truly is as it all shines in a major way to give the people something they can enjoy without limits, as well as something they can feel to make the music realer than ever.

Check out Sound of Fractures “Real Friends” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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