kid apollo – i been up to things I dont think I should be

kid apollo – i been up to things I dont think I should be

More than ever people are looking for more than just music that sounds good from artist. These days people not only want to enjoy the music, but also get a glimpse of the artist behind the music. That real feel in the music only comes form an artist being introspective to tap in to their life experiences, to make a connection with the listener that will last the times and get them through. The group kid apollo marvels at this and its on full display on their new song “I been up to thing I dont think I should”

The collective kid apollo continues to give you music you can feel, as well as give you every reason to check out their new project “all I think about”. The Lo-fi R&B sound shines with a warm piano, mixed with rhythmic percussion that gives it a Hip Hop touch that sets the perfect tone for music to shine. To bring it all home you get to hear the vocals that bring the right amount of vulnerability to to each note, as the writing comes to life in front of us to make us connect to it on that religious level.

The new release “I been up to things i dont think I should be” is beyond music that sound good, but a true musical experience that stands out to deliver in every way. The music stands out as impressive but what makes it truly remarkable is its ability to make the listener take on the emotion of the record to make it authentic, for the masses to enjoy.

Check out kid apollo “I been up to thing I dont think I should be” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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