DUDE, MY DUDE – Bike Ride

DUDE, MY DUDE – Bike Ride

One of the many reasons people fall in love with music is the stories in the songs. Those records you hear that are amazing in their articulation, as well as progressive in the sound as the vision forms in front of us, just as well as any visual work thats out there to give us something more. That’s what you get from this new must hear record from DUDE, My DUDE on their new song “Bike Ride”.

DUDE, MY DUDE marvels in every way to bring you a fun sound that shines on the new song “Bike Ride”. The music starts with a slow burn that allows the story telling in the writing to shine, with a masterful vocal performance that makes you feel the music to another level. Once you think you figure out the sound they take it up to another level with big time guitar work that is electrifying and makes you get out of your seat for this experience of music that is big time in every way.

DUDE, MY DUDE “Bike Ride” is where master class musicianship and high level appeal meet to transcends cultures. It’s one of those records that has something for everybody, with everything being done to an admirable level that defies subjectivity. If you love good music, you will surely enjoy every second of this masterpiece brought to life.

Check out DUDE, MY DUDE “Bike Ride” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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