BTY London – Take Me

BTY London – Take Me

Music is truly an experience when you can get lost in the music. Those special records you listen to and hear, the many layers of music coming to life, as your wildest thoughts come to life. When you get a song like that, you’re always surely to come back because the journey the music takes you on, is something you can’t settle for just enjoying one time. That is the case for this new smash from BTY London called “Take Me”.

BTY London brings sweet ear candy for the listener to enjoy every bit of on the new song “Take Me”. The vocal sample is most fitting for the record, with a “take me with you” vocal sample that embodies the urge to go on this trip the music takes us on. The music pushes forward with incredible piano work, matched with a bassline bringing the grooves, til you get to the epic drop that takes you this new world of sound filled with bright lights that excite you at every turn.

BTY London’s “Take Me” is an innovative body of work full of appeal that will keep you dancing all night. It’s that music you hear and know it was meant to make the world move, with an approach to the music that will surely keep any crowd going crazy as they get lost in this magic experience of music given to us to enjoy from must hear BTY London.

Check out BTY London “Take Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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