Betcha – 5AM

Betcha – 5AM

Everyone has their own idea and definition of what a real musician/artist is. For us a real artist is one who makes music with integrity and utilizes all their tools to the fullest ability, like being able to truly use your vocals as an instrument to convey a message, and painting vivid picture with your lyrics. All of these things are done masterfully by Betcha with their new song ”5AM”.

Betcha takes you on an incredible musical journey for the times on the new song “5AM”. Betcha gives you a perfect storm of Pop appeal and Rock with a vocal performance that sends chills down your bones and production you can get lost in. Everything is done at a high level that shows they are true masters at their craft with this new record being the perfect statement.

Betcha’s “5AM” is an amazing record that highlights this group’s infinite talent. The creativity is on full bloom with a sound that is original, exciting, and can’t be duplicated. If you want to hear the next big thing in music, stop what you’re doing and listen to this record now.

Check out Betcha “5AM” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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