Sonomancer – Core 3

Sonomancer – Core 3

Music is something that we consume daily. Take in to the point that we can sometimes forget how much of an art that it is. Hearing sounds work together to bring a vision to life, just as well as any art piece out there, as you go on a musical journey like no other. That type of approach shines bright on this hot new release from Sonomancer called “Core 3”.

Sonomancer puts it all together to take you on a journey through sound on the new song “Core 3”. The electro sound comes to life, as you hear the minimalistic approach build well throughout, as the layers in the music work cohesively to bring something socially pleasing to the ears. With this special sound they brings visuals that work in perfect harmony with the sound, as the imagery dances to the music and revolve around the blue imagery that is integral with the groups image.

Sonomancer’s “Core 3” is that creative body of work that shows the power of innovation. Art is meant to be daring as well original, and thats everything that makes you admire the sound they present. The chances they take in the music is what makes this journey exciting as you get something well crafted, that stands out from the other sounds today. Hit play now and enjoy the stellar production of Sonomancer.

Check out Sonomancer “Core 3” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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