Salt Ashes – Body Says

Salt Ashes – Body Says

A powerful song is one people can relate to. That record you can play and knows everything that you’re going through, with so much transparency that you feel as if, they know your entire life. That authenticity in the music is what gives music its soul, that makes people run to the music when they need it most. Salt Ashes brings that type of special sound on her new song “Body Says”. 

Salt Ashes makes a pulsating anthem about owning your body and choices on the new song “Body Says”. The writing is everything people need to hear, with a message that builds the listener and makes them feel greater than what they came. The vocals are masterful and brings a power to the music that helps it transcends, and the production aids that with a heartfelt sound to bring it to the masses, for a message everyone should hear and take in.

Salt Ashes “Body Says” is that powerful music that sticks with the listener for a lifetime. This record gives people their power back, and shows the true weight that music can carry when done right. Salt Ashes gives her all to the people and you hear it in the music, as she shares her art to the world that people will feel and take on the world.

Check out Salt Ashes “Body Says” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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