NUUXS – Part of Me (Remix by Kishan)

NUUXS – Part of Me (Remix by Kishan)

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to bring in the week as best as possible. To kick off the week, we have to make sure we bring the best content out there to set the perfect tone, for not only use the consumer but us as well, to make sure we show the top quality you can expect from us. To start off this week we have to showcase this amazing new song ‘Part of Me” by NUUXS, with Kishan on the remix.

NUUXS comes together with Kishan to make the must hear remix of her song “Part of Me”. The music is innovative in every way, and it shines to the fullest for every second. The music has a breakbeat feel to the percussion, matched with dreamy pad work that brings a sound like no other. NUUXS vocals have a style and presence to it that stands out, and delivers the introspective lyrics to the fullest to make sure it all connects as the artistry stands out like no other.

NUUXS “Part of Me (Remix by Kishan)” is that high level artistry that dares to be great in the best way possible. The music doesn’t follow any trends, and creates it’s own wave for the listener to ride, as you get music that embodies the art that music is. It connects in every way from the production, writing, to vocals to make one must hear innovative sound you must hear now.

Check out NUUXS “Part of Me (Remix by Kishan) below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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