Kodiak Arcade – Something Real

Kodiak Arcade – Something Real

When hearing music, you can usually hear if an artist is either trying to be creative, or just making something you can feel. Those two are usually two separate things present day in music, as either one or other shines through in what you hear, but when you get a chance to bare witness to both it’s always stands out as something special and that’s what you get from Kodiak Arcade on the new song “Something Real”.

Kodiak Arcade makes a creative work of art full of emotion on the song that lives up to the title “Something Real”. The title is fitting as you get something that you can feel right away. The emotion in the singing makes you feel the soul put into the music, while the high class innovation in the sound being a match made in heaven with the music. It’s not only a supreme level of musical prowess, but also a record with appeal to the sound to make sure it’s a record that travels for the world to enjoy this special sound, that stands out in a beautiful way.

Kodiak Arcade’s “Something Real” is that and so much more. In a time where music can be bland, or repetitive the light of mystic, shines bright and leads the way for us to follow this musical journey that will keep you wanting to come back and explore this stand out sound. It’s a music that purists will be able to enjoy the genius in, as well as a song casuals will be able to enjoy the easy listening feel to it, that brings people together in a a major way.

Check out Kodiak Arcade “Something Real” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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