Estella Dawn – Vixen

Estella Dawn – Vixen

Becoming a fan of someone’s work, can also lead to you becoming a fan of them as well. Those artists who you hear masterful work from every time, to the point you know you will get something enjoyable as well as meaningful before you hit play to validate your thoughts. That is definitely the case for Estella Dawn with her new song “Vixen”.

Estella Dawn brings showcases her amazing talent to give the people more on this new empowering anthem “Vixen”. Estella has always been oner to use the power of music, to give people gems that shines to the fullest with her latest release being a shining example of that. The vocal performance brings major appeal, over this production that sets the perfect tone for the story telling that takes place. As you listen you really get to take it all in as she gives the listener something that makes them feel good about themselves, in a time where it’s needed more than ever.

Estella Dawn’s “Vixen” is where high level artistry and major appeal meet as one to give something for the world to enjoy. On the surface you get a smash of a record that has a digestible sound that anyone can hear and love, but what you really get is a self empowering masterpiece that you will be able to come back and feel the spirit of the music for time to come.

Check out Estella Dawn “Vixen” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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