A Girl Called Frank – Usually

A Girl Called Frank – Usually

Every artist is always looking for a way to stand out. Whether it be in the sound or the feel of the music, it’s important to find your own special way, to make yourself stand out from countless acts out there. When an artist puts it all together it not only makes it something that shines from the usual, but also make for an authentic experience like no other. That’s what A Girl Called Frank delivers on the new song “Usually”.

A Girl Called Frank truly stands out with a distinctive special sound that one listen will never be enough for on the new song “Usually”. The song stands out in many ways, even starting with the artist name that makes you want to see what she has to offer, and what you get is something truly supreme. The sound genre bends R&B and Pop at a high level to bring soul and appeal together, to make it complete. She’s vocally masterful in her tone, to bring the heartfelt writing to life, to make you feel it as it all connects in it’s own divine way.

A Girl Called Frank “Usually” is pure musical artistry that shines to give the people the more they want. It’s music as soon as your hear, you connect to the soul in the music and the marvel at the creativity right away. It’s a masterpiece in every way, and you owe it to yourself if you love good music to give it your all to listen.

Check out A Girl Called Frank “Usually” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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