Rebelle – Kicks

Rebelle – Kicks

If there is any genre of music that is known for bringing excitement its Rock music. A genre known for its daring energy, that lights up the world with its disruptive edge that is impossible to ignore. That’s one of the many reasons people come to hear Rock music, and Rebelle brings you a sound that will definitely keep you coming back for time to come with the new song “Kicks”.

Rebelle brings an out of this world sound, with daring writing on the new song “Kicks”. The Alt-Rock sound shines immediately with a nice 90’s touch to the sound, that resonates to the fullest. To match the big time sound, you get a powerful vocal performance that rises with the music, to deliver with writing with the ultimate conviction, as they take on the ups and downs of life, in their own special way to bring it home for us all in a real way.

Rebelle’s “Kicks” is a defiant body of work that gives that gives you a stand out sound, with a deeper message to give you more than what you’re used to. In a time when’re music can be simplistic, they bring a song filled with depth, with production that is layered to perfection to make one commanding sound, a vocal performance that stands out with the sound, and brilliant writing to make it a masterpiece you shouldn’t go another day without hearing.

Check out Rebelle “Kicks” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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