LRNX x Cheer Captain – SHOW ME

LRNX x Cheer Captain – SHOW ME

A lot of great songs release daily. In every genre you get to hear new releases including R&B music. With as much music thats out there to consume, it’s harder to hear R&B that has that soul to it. That R&B music that stands out above the rest, with a sound that you can truly feel in your spirit as an outstanding body of work. If you miss that type of music LRNX comes together with Cheer Captain to give you that and more on the new song “SHOW ME”.

LRNX and Cheer Captain show the art of collaboration and music with soul on the new song “SHOW ME”. The song marvels in many different ways, especially vocally. The singing is truly masterful in its tone, as both artist lets their talent and presence shine to the fullest. The production pays the perfect score to bring the vision to life, and the writing is articulated to perfection to make work of art that doesn’t miss.

LRNX and Cheer Captain “SHOW ME” is a brilliant display of music that you can vibe to, with a stand out sound you can get lost in. It’s a major release that you can play for anyone and they can her the beauty in the art, with their ultra talent being on full bloom for us to all to enjoy being fans of their stellar work.

Check out LRNX and Cheer Captain “SHOW ME” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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